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Del Rio Road Commercial Area Specific Plan

Project Update

In early 2015, the City of Atascadero began working with Walmart's Design Team on implementing Phase 1 of the Del Rio Road Commercial Area Specific Plan including roadway improvements along Del Rio Road, El Camino Real, and site construction for a 127,000 square foot (sf) Walmart in Atascadero. In early 2016, the City approved a "Plan Line" on how roadway improvements will look consistent with City Council approvals.


On March 22, 2016, the Walmart Design team submitted to the City grading and roadway construction documents for the City to review for consistency with approved entitlements, the adopted EIR, City regulations, and State and Federal code regulations.

What Are The Next Steps?

  • The City and Walmart have entered into an "Improvement Agreement". This agreement outlines Walmart's roadway improvement responsibilities and other requirements per the 2012 project approvals. This was approved by the City Council on May 24, 2016. You can review the Staff Report Here.
  • The City will need to accept Walmart's proposed subdivision, which will combine 11 existing parcels into four (4) lots. The proposed final map can be found here. The City Council will need to consider the final map will be considered by the City Council in either July or August of 2016.
  • Walmart will need to form a Community Facilities District (CFD) for maintenance of lighting, landscaping, and other improvements for Del Rio Road / El Camino Real / Gran Mercado Parkway. The City Council will consider formation of such a district as its June 28, 2016 meeting. You can view that initial Staff Report Here.
  • City will continue to review and approve construction plans once all the requirements are met. This will involve multiple "plan reviews" as information is requested and the Walmart Design Team responds.
  • Once the permits are issued Walmart will beginning grading the building pad and begin construction on for improvements along Del Rio Road and El Camino Real. Staff expects construction on this portion of the project to begin sometime in late fall 2016 or early 2017.
  • Walmart will follow up with building plans for construction of the store.
  • Del Rio Road / El Camino Real improvements are to be completed by Walmart prior to the store opening.

Q&A About the Walmart Project

The Walmart development is a complicated project and City Staff fields numerous calls about this project daily. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the project. Additionally, if you have any other questions regarding the project, you can contact Alfredo R. Castillo, AICP at (805) 470-3436 or via email at 
Q: Is there a current site plan / plan for roadway improvements?
A: Yes. Click here for the current site plan submitted by Walmart's design team and click here for proposed roadway improvements. These are current as of May 2016. We will update these as we receive them. You can also view them below.
Q: What does Walmart have to construct for roadway improvements as a part of their new Atascadero Store?
A: Walmart is responsible to construct many improvements related to their new store including:
  • Improvements along El Camino Real including bicycle lanes and transit stop
  • Converting the El Camino Real / Del Rio Road signalized intersection into a roundabout
  • Improvements along Del Rio from near the Highway 101 interchange to Rio Rita Road;
  • A new traffic signal at El Camino Real / San Anselmo East;
  • A new traffic signal at El Camino Real / Gran Mercado Parkway;
  • A new road connecting Walmart to the Mission Oaks Shopping Center (Gran Mercado Parkway);
  • Removal of a historical home on-site.
Q: How much is all this going to cost and who is financially responsible?
A: As of June 2016, the total estimated cost of improvements listed above is $5.1 million. Walmart is responsible for the entire cost of improvements. The City will not contribute any traffic funds or Tax Measure F-14 funds to these improvements.
Q: What is Walmart's responsibility for improving the Highway 101 / Del Rio Road Interchange?
A: The amount of traffic generated by the Walmart Store does not create a Level of Service C or below at the Highway 101 / Del Rio Road interchange, per the Certified EIR adopted by the City Council in 2012. Because of this, Walmart is not responsible to replace the entire interchange. However, Walmart is responsible to contribute their "proportional fair share" to improvements to the interchange. Walmart will owe approximately $1.5 million dollars towards future interchange improvements in addition to their Traffic Impact Fee payment that is required as a part of their building permit for their new store.
Q: Why is a roundabout being proposed versus the traffic light and/or widening the road?
A: Widening the road and adding additional traffic signals was contemplated and analyzed by the City and Walmart as a part of the EIR process. Widening the intersection and additional lanes would be a significant cost, as well as add additional greenhouse gas emissions as motorists wait at a traffic signal. Additionally, due to the close proximity to the highway on/off-ramps, a wider intersection would cause additional back-ups on Highway 101 for those getting on/off the Del Rio Road exit. A roundabout solves interchange capacity issues, as well as, reduces the amount of greenhouse gases emitted as it allows for free movement of traffic. Check out this "mythbusters" video to show how this is accomplished.
Q: Will there be roadway closures during construction?
A: City Staff continues to work with Walmart, their design team, and contractor to determine, what if any roadway closures there may be. We will update this page when we find out.
Q: When will Walmart open?
A: City Staff does not have an exact time table just yet. Hopefully, Walmart is able to begin roadway improvement construction sometime in the Fall of 2016. We hope to continue to keep the our residents informed of a date when we have one.
We will post additional information when it becomes available. 

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