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The Atascadero Police Department established the Service Area Program as a means to enhance community outreach, accountability and to give the public a single point of contact for issues and concerns.  The program is designed to provide community members the ability to contact a designated Coordinator to address non-emergency, on-going concerns; such as graffiti or nuisance abatement, landlord-tenant disputes, general public safety and improvement in the quality of life.

We divided the City into five distinct geographic areas and have designated these regions as the A, B, C, D and E service areas.  Each Area Coordinator is being held accountable for understanding the issues and concerns unique to their service area and for developing strategies and directing resources to solve problems and improve the quality of life for our citizens.  We are always willing to meet with residents and business owners.  You are encouraged to communicate with the Coordinator responsible for your service area via telephone or e-mail.  If you have a traffic issue occurring in your service area please contact our Traffic Officer Corporal Keith Falerios at (805)470-3244 or email.

 The Atascadero Police Department is committed to working with you to improve the community.

 Service Areas

Service Area Downtown

It is important for our residents to understand that the Area Coordinator is not a substitute for dialing 911 in an emergency or for making a call to our dispatch center should a routine request for police services be needed.


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Service Area Coordinators

Sergeant Jeffery WilshusenService Area "A"
All streets north of Hwy 41 and west of Hwy 101
Sergeant Jeffery Wilshusen

Sergeant Jason CarrService Area "B"
All streets south of Hwy 41 and west of Hwy 101
Sergeant Gregg Meyer

Sergeant Robert MolleService Area "C"
All streets north of Hwy 41 and east of Hwy 101
Sergeant Robert Molle

Sergeant Caleb DavisService Area "D"
All streets south of Hwy 41 and east of Hwy 101
Sergeant Caleb Davis
Phone: (805)470-3250

Corporal Keith FaleriosService Area "E"
The downtown area and business corridor on El Camino Real and Hwy 41. Please see the above map for boundaries.
Sergeant Jason Carr

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 Below are forms for submitting complaints and information to the Police Department. 


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The men and women of the Atascadero Police Department proudly serve the City of Atascadero, a beautiful Central Coast community with a population of approximately 28,000 occupying an area of just under 27 square miles.

APD embraces the value of fostering and maintaining positive relationships both externally and within our organization in providing superior quality service delivery. We understand our ability to be effective in reducing crime largely hinges on the relationship we have with the community and other stakeholders. Open and honest communication, transparency, empowerment and accountability are key elements ingrained in our culture.
Reducing crime, promoting organizational excellence, strengthening relationships, enhancement of traffic safety, leveraging technology, and enhancement of infrastructure are the six primary objectives in our Department's current five-year strategic plan. Each objective is tied to a number of initiatives that, when executed, translate to better service and a stronger organization.
Take Control

You can dramatically reduce your chances of being the victim of a property crime by simply locking your car and closing your garage door. Criminals in most reported thefts in Atascadero gained access to their objective through unsecured doors.

Stay Connected
Finally, I urge you to subscribe to a freeservice that allows the City of Atascadero to notify residents of significant events through text messaging and/or e-mail. Please visit for more information.

Jerel Haley,  Chief of Police

Atascadero Police Department


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Chief's Message

As Acting Chief of Police, I am pleased to take this opportunity to introduce our Department’s 2010-2015 Strategic Plan. Our plan builds on the successes of our Department from previous years and includes many new strategies. Our plan incorporates both our continued commitment to address community concerns through an insightful examination into emerging City issues and a commitment to our employees to develop their abilities and skills to ensure ethical and progressive policing practices in these economically challenging times. We are cognizant that the current economy may adversely impact strategic objectives that necessitate a funding source. Regardless of our economic future, we are proud of our adaptability and remain steadfast in our commitment to providing the best possible police service to our community.

Credit for our success belongs to the leadership demonstrated by the Police Department’s Management Team, as well as the commitment to duty shown by all members of our Department; sworn, civilian, and volunteer. This professional commitment, in active partnership with our community, has become the essence of our new Mission Statement.

We enjoy tremendous support from the Mayor, City Council, and the City Manager’s Office. It is with their support, and the support of Atascadero’s citizens, that we have been able to move forward with our accomplishments. We look forward to this continued relationship as we begin the implementation of our Strategic Plan.

I encourage you to review our Strategic Plan initiatives. They affirm our commitment to proactively and responsively provide police services that enhance the safety and the quality of life for our citizens and visitors in the City of Atascadero.

Please click here to view the Strategic Plan

APD Strategic Plan Year-One Report

Chief's Message

I’m pleased to present our first year’s progress report.  Any strategic plan that sits dormant in the shadows after it is published is nothing short of disappointing. Our employees began this new process nearly two years ago and pledged this would not happen in Atascadero. As we recap the first year, I hope you will agree we held to our promise to execute the plan and build a better organization. As this process is new to our Department, we continue to learn. Some of our original year-one initiatives have been removed as they were subsequently deemed philosophy rather than objectives with definitive measures of success. Moreover, several initiatives that are “on-going” were left in the plan as staff felt they were important benchmarks.

In assembling this document, I was amazed by the incredible progress made possible by the efforts of our staff despite the continued adverse impacts of a struggling economy. The majority of content in this report has been transferred directly from the progress tracking document our staff utilizes.

The fact that 36 strategic initiatives were completed in the first year of a process that was largely foreign to the majority of our employees is without doubt impressive and speaks to the caliber of Atascadero employees. Moreover, it also serves as a reminder of the relationships and support we enjoy in our community.

We look forward to another year of progress all with the end goal of a safer community.

Please contact me at should you have any questions regarding any of the initiatives mentioned in this report.

Please click here to view the APD Strategic Plan Year-One Report



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Welcome to the Official Atascadero Police Department Website. The website is designed to provide the public with information about our Department, its mission and the services that are available to you. As you explore APD’s website, we always welcome and value input or questions you may have to help us in our continued service to you.


Phone Number: (805) 461-5051

Fax Number: (805) 461-3702

Online: City Hall Connection

Online Crime Reporting

Online Crime Reporting

Quickly and easily report minor crimes that have occurred within the City of Atascadero.


Access Your Accident Report Online

The Docview system allows the public to print accident reports 24 hours a day from any location with internet access. The reports are in a PDF format which makes them easy to view, save, print, and email.


Follow us on Facebook

APD maintains a Facebook page that offers another way to stay informed and interact with your Police Department.


Receive Community Safety Alerts

Subscribe to a free service that allows the City of Atascadero to notify residents of significant events through text messaging and/or e-mail.

Location & Directions

Our facility is located at 5505 El Camino Real, just one block north on El Camino Real from the intersection with Traffic Way.





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The men and women of the Atascadero Police Department are "Dedicated to Professional Service" to our community.

The City of Atascadero Police Department is located at:

5505 El Camino Real
Non-emergency telephone number: 461 5051

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To Access Past Daily Activity Logs:

Please click HERE to access the DAILY ACTIVITY LOGS:

This will open a new tab titled "Laserfiche Weblink".  Select the year and month of daily log you wish to view. The daily log is also available for viewing at the Police Department. Copies of logs can also be provided at fifty cents for the first page and ten cents for each additional page.


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Community Oriented Policing/Problem Solving (COPPS)

The Atascadero Police Department uses Community Oriented Policing/Problem Solving (COPPS) to identify, analyze, and resolve crime and service problems that most impact the community's safety and quality of life and the deployment of the resources of the Department. COPPS recognizes individuals and community groups and organizations as key partners with the Department in creating and maintaining a safe and secure community.

COPPS is a philosophy, management style, and organizational strategy that promotes pro-active problem solving and community partnerships to address the cause and resolution of crime and other community concerns. The community partnerships are interactive processes involving Police Officers working with citizens who work or live in neighborhoods. The Department emphasizes identifying, analyzing, and responding to community concerns through a cooperative effort involving all available resources. Those resources may include other governmental agencies, private agencies, civic organizations, Department members, and individual members of the community. Through these partnerships, citizens of the community assume a more active role in resolving shared problems. The positive result is more effective and thorough responses to the specific needs of the community. While the Atascadero Police Department will continue to enforce the law and remain "Dedicted to Professional Service," we actively encourage input and assistance from community members to identify and solve problems with us.

If you are interested in learning more about COPPS and how it may benefit you and your neighborhood and enhance the quality of life in our community, contact Sergeant Gregg Meyer at 805/461-5051.


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