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The County has an interactive tool that lets you search for your property to determine if it is designated as being in the floodplain.  You can search by APN or address.  The link below will take you to the county mapping site.

County Interactive GIS Mapping


Dove Creek

The letter below is a determination from the Public Works Director on the flood plain status of buildings in the Dove Creek (Tract 2626) development.

Flood Plain Determination - Tract 2626.pdf

Category: Public Works

The City’s Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP) defines strategies and guidelines for protection of water quality and reduction of pollutant discharges from all areas within the City and all City maintained facilities.

The City’s SWMP will be implemented over the next 5 years (March 2009 to March 2014). This page contains documents that are a part of the plan’s implementation. On this page you will find information on how to make a difference in improving the City’s stormwater runoff whether you are a homeowner, local business owner, or concerned resident.

To access the latest developments in the SWMP, please visit our twitter page!

If you have any questions regarding the City’s Stormwater Management program, please contact the Public Works Department at (805) 461-5000.

Homeowners Outreach:

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An Adobe Acrobat file landscape brochure.pdf 754.64 KB 2011-12-16
An Adobe Acrobat file pest control.pdf 466.21 KB 2011-12-16
An Adobe Acrobat file petwaste.pdf 560.69 KB 2011-12-16
An Adobe Acrobat file water conservation.pdf 815.73 KB 2011-12-16

For Business Owners:

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An Adobe Acrobat file landscape brochure.pdf 754.64 KB 2011-12-16
An Adobe Acrobat file pest control.pdf 466.21 KB 2011-12-16

Annual Report:

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An Adobe Acrobat file Annual Report 2009-2010 FINAL.pdf 978.35 KB 2011-10-05
A compressed ZIP file Annual Report 2010-2011 85.46 MB 2012-01-11
An Adobe Acrobat file Annual Report 2010-2011 FINAL.pdf 1.65 MB 2012-01-09
An Adobe Acrobat file Annual Report 2011-2012 Final.pdf 1.83 MB 2014-01-13
An Adobe Acrobat file Annual Report 2012-2013 Final.pdf 1.25 MB 2014-01-22
An Adobe Acrobat file CM Article Feb 2014 - Stormwater.pdf 102.46 KB 2014-01-22


Category: Public Works
Category: Public Works
Category: Public Works

Right-of-Way Encroachment Permits

Development Review

Encroachment & Development Inspections

  • Call (805) 466-8099

Standard Specifications & Drawings

Public Improvement & Sewer As-Built Plan Requests

  • Call (805) 470-3180
Category: Public Works
The Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board has commented on the City’s Draft 2009 Stormwater Management Plan. The Water Board’s comments can be accessed by clicking here.
Category: Public Works
The City’s draft Stormwater Management Plan was posted on the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board’s website for a 60-day review period on January 30, 2009. The public can access the plan by clicking HERE. The City is required to produce and gain approval of a Stormwater Management Plan in accordance with Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board and the Environmental Protection Agency National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System requirements. Interested Citizens can provide public comments and or request a hearing from the Central Coast Water Board. More information can be obtained on the Central Coast Water Board’s Website.
Category: Public Works
This page contains information and updates related to storm and groundwater topics in Atascadero. Please check back often for information regarding storm and ground water in Atascadero.

· Questions and Answers regarding NPDES PHASE II Requirements
The Central Coast Water Board is proposing to change septic system requirements and the City will be required to comply with the changes. The Mayor and City staff have both commented on the proposed changes. The Changes are currently at the State Water Resources Control Board in Sacramento undergoing review. The State Board has put off their decision on the Amendments until further notice. The City will post new information as it is received.
Regional Water Quality Control Board Agenda for a Nov. 14, 2008 Public Workshop on CEQA Scoping for Waiver of Waste Discharge Requirements.
Look for:
Draft Basin Plan Amendments - Revised Chapter 6 (This is near the bottom of the web page)
Then Click on:
Amending the Water Quality Control Plan Revising Onsite Wastewater System Criteria - Forwarded to SWRCB and Office of Administrative Law for Final Adoption, June 2008
Resolution No. R3-2008-0005 | Attachment A | Attachment B | Attachment C | Attachment D
· Mayor's Letter requesting additional time to consider the proposed amendments
· City of Atascadero's staff response to the proposed septic system amendments
· Draft Memorandum of Understanding provided to the City by the Regional Water Quality Control Board
· Regional Board Response letter to City staff regarding the City’s request for Regional Board staff to participate in a information forum
Water Board Letter Requesting Withdrawal of Septic System Basin Plan Amendments
Category: Public Works

The City of Atascadero Department of Public Works provides a wide variety of services to the residents of and visitors to Atascadero.


  • Capital Project Planning and Design

  • City Facility Maintenance

  • Community Development Block Grants

  • Development Review

  • Inspection Services

  • Park Maintenance

  • Street Maintenance

  • Storm Drain Maintenance

  • Sanitary Sewer Collection and Treatment

  • Traffic Engineering

  • Transit Service


Neighborhood Assessment District Information

Apple Valley

De Anza

Las Lomas (Woodridge)


Community Facilities District 2005-1

Category: Public Works

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