Saturday, December 05, 2020
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We’ve all noticed quite a bit of activity on Atascadero’s roadways recently, which in the long term is great news for all Atascadero motorists! With so many road projects in progress, there may be confusion about where all of the activity and funding are coming from. The road projects that we receive the most questions about fall under several different categories, so we’ve prepared the following information for projects which are currently underway, recently completed and/or coming soon!

So. Cal Gas Pipeline Replacement Project: One of the most noticeable and active projects currently underway which affects our busiest area of town is the Southern California Gas Pipeline Replacement Project. This project began last year and has been taking place along El Camino Real starting near Adobe Plaza and heading southward toward Santa Margarita Road. The utilities which provide us with the modern conveniences that we all take for granted in our daily lives, such as electricity, gas, telephone and cable TV, must have the ability to access and maintain their facilities in order to provide and expand their services, and for public safety. SoCalGas has been replacing their High Pressure Gas Main in Atascadero and this project is now in its final phases; once their crews have finished and the trenches are all filled in, the Gas Company will finalize the project by micro-surfacing and restriping all of the disturbed portions of ECR.  Information about the project can be found on the SoCalGas website.

Road projects funded by Sales Tax Measure F-14: In 2014, Atascadero voters approved a half-cent sales tax measure to provide the City with additional funding designated for maintenance of our local residential roadways. Measure F-14 funding is not used for routine road work done by City maintenance crews. This funding is expected to total just over $10 million for the first five years and is being put towards nearly 20 miles of local road maintenance. The City first began receiving revenue from this measure in June of 2015, and very quickly thereafter the first ground-breaking ceremony was held for two road projects which were of the highest priority. Alamo Avenue was paved between Barrenda and Rosario, and Honda Avenue was resurfaced between Barrenda and Traffic Way. Both projects were successfully completed before the end of that summer.

The City expects that two capital projects will be planned, engineered and completed each year with F-14 funding. One project is for roadways that require only minor repairs and maintenance treatments. The other project is for roadways that require major repairs and rehabilitation. Plans and specifications are prepared separately for the two types of projects which are then bid in accordance with public contracting laws. Qualified contractors submit proposals and the City Council awards a construction contract to the most responsive qualified low bidder. The process of having separate roadway maintenance and rehabilitation projects provides a competitive bidding environment that allows the City to receive the best priced bids. The City has several road rehab projects which are currently being engineered. In addition, the City Council is scheduled to award a list of road maintenance projects at the June 28th, 2016 meeting; it is expected that work on those projects will begin shortly.

The City’s Pavement Management Program (Critical Point Management or CPM) is used to assist City staff in managing the nearly 150 miles of Atascadero roadways that need to be maintained and/or rehabilitated. The program provides an analysis of every local road’s pavement life cycle, as well as providing recommendations and timing for maintenance actions. This information is then used to prioritize road repair projects. For more information about which roads have been identified for repairs in the first five years and the details of the program, please go to

Lakeview Drive Improvement Project: It’s important to note that absolutely no revenue from Measure F-14 was used to fund the Lakeview Drive project, which was a project that has been planned for and on the City’s books for quite some time; it was funded primarily by grants from the State’s Proposition 1B program and from the City’s road maintenance funds (not related to F-14). We were very pleased at how smoothly this project proceeded, taking only four weeks to complete from start to finish! This project incorporated several rehabilitation and improvement needs which included full pavement replacement and drainage improvements at the southern segment, an asphalt overlay throughout the project area, pavement restriping, addition of asphalt dikes and channels to reduce shoulder erosion, and improvements to the existing pathway to provide improved access for pedestrians to better enjoy the lakeside trail. The council gave their approval for the Lakeview project to move forward in February 2016; details about the project can be found in the City’s staff report from that meeting: 022316 staff report

WalMart/Del Rio Project Road Improvements: There has of course been a lot of community discussion surrounding the planned road improvements related to the upcoming WalMart/Del Rio project. Council is scheduled to review the project and the final map at the upcoming council meeting on June 28th.  Per the 2012 Council approval of the project, Walmart will be required to complete numerous on and off-site public improvements, right-of-way dedications and easements. The details of the improvement requirements can be found at 052416 staff report.

Atascadero is a very busy place right now!  All of the ongoing and planned road improvement and maintenance activity is a good sign of things to come for our community. We’ve got quite a few building and improvement projects in progress or in the works, and a great deal of interest is being generated in the business and investment community, both from inside and outside the area. The City is very happy to be a part of helping to grow Atascadero’s economy.

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