Thursday, October 06, 2022
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Adopted Budget - Fiscal Years 2021-2022 & 2022-2023

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Adopted Budget - Fiscal Years 2017-2018 & 2018-2019

Adopted Budget - Fiscal Years 2015-2016 & 2016-2017

Adopted Budget - Fiscal Years 2013-2014 & 2014-2015

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Excellence in Budgeting Award

The City of Atascadero has submitted the 2021-2023 biennial budget to the California Society of Municipal Finance Officers (CSMFO) for the Excellence in Budgeting Award. The City was honored with the Excellence in Budgeting Award for the prior budget for the fiscal years 2021-2023.

The CSMFO budget Awards Program is designed to recognize those agencies whose budget documents meet certain state-wide standards and requirements considered to be of the highest quality. The award represents significant accomplishment by a government and its leadership in meeting high standards and setting an example by encouraging others in their efforts to achieve and maintain an appropriate standard of excellence. The City is eligible to submit this award biennially, and has received the Excellence in Budgeting award each time since the first submittal for the 2003-2005 budget.

Founded in 1957, the California Society of Municipal Finance Officers is a statewide organization serving all California municipal finance professionals. CSMFO promotes excellence in financial management through innovation, continuing education, and the professional development of its members.

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