Monday, March 20, 2023
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City Clerk: Lara Christensen

In 2016, Atascadero voters elected to have the City Clerk position appointed rather than elected. The Atascadero City Clerk is appointed by the City Manager.


The City Clerk maintains a complete and accurate record of City Council proceedings and official City files, and fulfills legal requirements established by the Municipal Code and State law.


The office of the City Clerk also provides assistance and support to the City Council and City departments. Included in the City Clerk’s responsibilities is acting as the Filing Officer for the State Fair Political Practice Commission and being responsible for maintaining the City’s Municipal Code Book.


The City Clerk conducts elections as required by law. All claims filed against the City are received by the City Clerk. It is a function of the City Clerk to assure that records of Council meetings and Council correspondence are kept in such a manner that the information is readily accessible and open to the public.
You may contact the office of the City Clerk at (805) 470-3400, or by email at
Election Results

FORM 700 – Statement of Economic Interests (SEI)

The City Clerk is the Filing Officer for the State Fair Political Practice Commission. The following elected officials of the City of Atascadero are required, by the California Political Reform Act, to file a Statement of Economic Interests, Form 700, annually: City Council Members and the City Treasurer.
City Council List of Names and Position Titles
Mayor                             Heather Moreno
Mayor Pro Tem              Heather Newsom
Council Member            Charles Bourbeau
Council Member            Mark Dariz
Council Member            Susan Funk
Copies of Statements of Economic Interests (SEI's) are available for review in the City Clerk’s office at City Hall.  Copies can also be made available.  SEI's filed by certain local officials may be available in electronic format on the FPPC's website: 
FORM 460/470 Campaign Committee Reports
FPPC Forms 460 Campaign Committee Reports and 470 Filings can be browsed at our Public Records Weblink resource site under the City Clerk folder (City Hall\City Clerk\FPPC Forms 460-470 Finance Reporting Forms):
Ticket Distribution Policy and Reporting
FPPC Ticket Reporting  Forms 801 and 802
Other Information:

Council Agendas and Minutes


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