Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Wastewater: Water Reclamation Facility Services

The City of Atascadero serves a population of over 29,000 residents. Land uses include residential, office, commercial and light industrial developments. Sanitary sewer services are provided to approximately one-half of the residents and to a majority of the businesses within the City limits. Privately owned and maintained on-site septic systems are utilized by the remainder of the City.
The sewer collection system consists of more than 303,600 lineal feet of laterals, mains, trunks, and 44,500 feet of forcemains, ranging in size from 4 to 24 inches in diameter. A series of gravity collection system mains and 12 lift stations pump directly to the City-owned water reclamation facility.
The water reclamation facility (WRF) is located east of the Chalk Mountain Golf Course. Groundwater reclaimed from below the facilities infiltration ponds is used for fairway irrigation. The WRF consists of an aerobic, facultative, polishing lagoon and six percolation ponds. The facility’s design flow is 1.4 million gallons a day (MGD). Operations, maintenance, and environmental compliance staffs, guarantee the WRF is operated and maintained in the most efficient manner possible and complies with all regulatory requirements. The WRF also produces Class B biosolids. In addition, the WRF receives the final effluent discharged by the Atascadero State Hospital’s wastewater treatment plant to the sixth and final percolation pond.

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