Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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The City of Atascadero Introduces the PAYS Program!!


The City of Atascadero, Community Services Department is excited to introduce the Parents Association for Youth Sports (PAYS) program for the upcoming 2007 Youth Basketball League.

At least one parent from each family who has a child involved in the City of Atascadero youth sports programs must be members of PAYS in order to participate in programs. The membership process includes watching a 20-minute video, signing a "Parents Code of Ethics," talking to a PAYS clinician and paying a $5 membership fee, which covers five years of participation in City of Atascadero run youth sports programs.

The Parents Association for Youth Sports (PAYS) is a membership association of the National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS). The purpose of PAYS is to educate and motivate parents to create the ultimate youth sports environment to make the child's experience safe, positive and meaningful. PAYS encourages good sportsmanship, positive participation and keeping youth sports in a proper perspective among members.

The PAYS program also hopes to provide every child participating in youth sports the opportunity to learn, grow, develop skills, meet new friends, and experience the excitement and fun associated with participation in youth sports.

The PAYS program was unveiled in 2000, and has been embraced by approximately 600 recreation agencies nationwide that have conducted the program to help ensure that parents act appropriately and are held accountable for their behavior.

“If children are going to reap all the wonderful benefits that organized youth sports provide, then it’s imperative that parents educate themselves and demand high standards for their children’s sports programs,” said Kathleen Avitt, the national program director of PAYS.

Parents who successfully complete the PAYS program receive four quarterly issues of the Youth Sports Journal. The Journal is packed with a variety of articles, tips and assorted information that is focused on helping parents ensure that their child has a fun and rewarding experience, along with helping them deal with a wide range of issues that typically arise during the course of a youth sports season. The Journal is inserted into SportingKid magazine, so parents have the added benefit of receiving another quality publication devoted to youth sports.

Parents may also complete the PAYS Clinic online at paysonline.nays.org

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The online clinic is $6 per family. After completion of the clinic print out your new membership card. Be sure to bring your PAYS Membership Card with you when registering for the North County Youth Basketball League and the City of Atascadero T-Ball Program!

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