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The City of Atascadero has an inclusionary housing policy which makes affordable housing opportunities available within the City. This policy requires development projects with discretionary approval, such as planned developments, to provide deed restricted residential units to people and families of very low, low, and moderate incomes.

Significant changes in the housing market have created new conditions that affect the City’s affordable housing program. While the City will continue to implement its inclusionary housing program, some adjustments are warranted by economic conditions in order to remove unnecessary barriers to the sale of affordable housing units. For more information regarding the sale of affordable housing units in Atascadero, please contact Dawn Patterson in the City of Atascadero’s Administrative Services Department to discuss your options. She can be reached at (805) 470-3428 or

When Buying or Selling a deed restricted affordable unit, the City requires the following documentation to be submitted:

  1. Purchase Contract
  2. Real Estate Certification Form (if required)
  3. Escrow Contact Information
  4. Escrow Instructions
  5. Preliminary Title Report
  6. Appraisal
  7. Copy of Grant Deed with Vesting information
  8. 1st Lender(s) Trust Deed(s) and Promissory Notes
  9. Certification from People's Self-Help Housing Corp, Housing Authority of San Luis Obispo or other approved Administering Agency

Once all the above information is received, the City will prepare and submit the appropriate documents to the Escrow Company.

Please note: Preparation of City documents for submission to escrow requires ten (10) to fifteen (15) business days.

How can I find affordable houses currently on the market?
Please be aware that the City of Atascadero does not own or manage affordable units. Contact a Realtor or Real Estate Agent for information on properties for sale. The City does not keep a list of affordable units for sale.

What affordable standards does the City of Atascadero use?
To find out if you qualify for affordable rental or ownership housing, visit San Luis Obispo County’s Affordable Housing website. The City of Atascadero uses the County’s Affordable Housing Standards to determine qualifying income limits as well as maximum rents and sales prices for each income category. All affordable housing units currently for sale in Atascadero are under the “Coastal Zone – Old Formula” for income limits and rental / sales prices. Development projects approved after July 2009 will be under the County’s “new formula,”which applies to new projects in both the Coastal and Inland portions of the County.

How do I get certified?
Potential buyers must be screened for eligibility and certified as income qualified to purchase an affordable unit. The City of Atascadero has identified the San Luis Obispo County Housing Authority (HASLO) and Peoples' Self-Help Housing Corporation as entities to provide eligibility and income qualifying services. There is a cost for these services.

For information regarding County of San Luis Obispo affordable housing programs, please contact Tony Navarro at (805) 781-5600.

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