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City Manager's Office

Up angle view of the Atascadero Historic City Hall building against blue sky with scattered clouds.
Image of Historic City Hall building on a bright sunny day.

City Manager's Office

Under the direction of the City Manager, the City Manager’s office supervises and administers the programs and services provided by all departments within the City of Atascadero, evaluates and monitors staff’s progress on Council established policies and programs, provides timely information to the City Council concerning pending State, Local or Federal legislation which may have an impact upon the City of Atascadero, and fosters greater employee awareness of City problems, programs, and priorities.

Specifically, the City Manager’s office performs the following:

  • Administers policies and programs approved by the City Council.
  • Responds to and follows-up on citizen inquiries or concerns regarding City programs and services.
  • Maintains a viable link between the City and news media regarding City activities, concerns and accomplishments.
  • Provides liaison and works to resolve mutual local problems through various intergovernmental regional/sub-regional agencies such as San Luis Obispo Council of Governments, San Luis Obispo County and other Regional and State-wide agencies.
  • Manages the recruitment, testing, selection and employee development.
  • Manages technology services for all City departments through the Information Technology Division.
  • Conducts labor relations on behalf of the entire City and enforces the personnel rules and regulations.




Department Staff