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Accessibility & ADA Compliance

It is the policy and practice of the City of Atascadero to take all reasonable steps to ensure its services, programs and activities are accessible to all members of the public including persons with disabilities. Our ADA Coordinator works to ensure City departments comply with this policy by:

  • Providing technical assistance to support City departments in complying with federal, state and local disability access laws.
  • Assisting departments in evaluating their facilities, programs, services, and activities to ensure provision of reasonable accommodations to people with disabilities.
  • Conducting training for City employees in disability awareness, disability etiquette, disability access laws, and reasonable accommodations.
  • Facilitating the resolution of grievances filed against the City that allege noncompliance with disability access laws.

If you would like to make a request for reasonable accommodation or submit a grievance, contact the City's ADA coordinator. Please allow two business days for all requests for Reasonable Accommodations to be received.

ADA Transition Identified Projects/Plan

Identified ADA Compliance Projects and Programmed Capital Projects with ADA components/improvements

Name/DescriptionStatusADA Component(s)
CDBG South El Camino Real Sidewalk InfillCompletedConstruction of approximately 600’ of sidewalk south of San RafaelAlso added ADA compliant curb ramp and upgraded APS push button system at intersection corner. This project completed last remaining portion of the east side of ECR without sidewalk between downtown and Viejo Camino.
CDBG Atascadero Mall Sidewalk InfillCompletedConstruction of approximately 500’ of ADA complaint sidewalk and two ADA curb ramps connecting the north edge of Atascadero Mall with the pedestrian undercrossing of 101.
CDBG Traffic Wall ADA Improvements2017/2018Replace non-compliant ADA Curb Ramps, Driveway Approaches and Sidewalk
North ECR Pavement RehabilitationCompletedConstruction of approximately 400’ of new ADA compliant sidewalk at two locations along the west edge of El Camino Real. Addition of sidewalk completes the last remaining unimproved road edge along this side of ECR from San Jacinto Road to San Benito Road. Additional ADA improvements included the replacement of all existing non-complaint ramps between San Anselmo East and San Benito Road with new ADA-compliant ramps (9 total).
FY 2015/2016 F-14 Pavement RehabilitationConstructionReplace non-compliant sidewalk and curb ramps on San Andres Road.
Via Avenue Bridge ReplacementDesignBridge Replacement includes new sidewalk to connect Via Ave. to Ensenada Ave.
Zoo Garden Event CenterDesignIncludes ADA compliant pedestrian pathways and reconstruction of portion of existing parking area for ADA parking spaces.
Highway 41 Multi-Purpose PathwayCompletedConstruction of approximately ½ mile ADA compliant multi-use pathway between Portola Road and San Gabriel Road. Other ADA improvements include compliant curb ramps at NW intersection corner of San Gabriel/Hwy 41 and the SW corner of Portola Road/Highway 41, and compliant benches.
Centennial Bridge and Plaza ProjectCompletedADA components of larger improvement project included all ADA compliant sidewalks connecting Lewis Ave to El Camino Real, and East Mall to Colony Square, addition of four ADA parking spaces within the City Hall Parking lot, ADA compliant curb ramps at intersection of East Mall with Palma Ave and Lewis Ave.
ALPS Trailhead and Parking LotConstructionConstruction of ADA parking facilities and pathway to adjacent ALPS Trailhead.

The City of Atascadero is committed to fostering, cultivating and preserving a culture of diversity and inclusion and places a high value on a workplace culture that promotes an environment which is inclusive and embracive of diversity.

Contact Us & Submit Your ADA Compliant Concerns

The City of Atascadero would like to give the community the opportunity to present any concerns it might have about accessible access to various facilities. The City intends to use this information in its efforts to prioritize where improvements to the public right-of-way are most needed. For more information or to discuss concerns, please contact the Division of Public Works/ ADA Coordinator at 805-470-3188.