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Things to Do

Things To Do

Classic cars driving in the Hot El Camino Cruise Nite event.


Events in Atascadero, California offer a diverse range of cultural, recreational, and community-driven experiences, creating an engaging and lively atmosphere for residents and visitors alike.

Paddle boats docked and in use at Atascadero Lake Park.

Activities & Recreation

Activities and recreation in Atascadero, California provide a wide array of opportunities for individuals of all ages to enjoy outdoor adventures, engage in sports and fitness activities, explore local parks and trails, and participate in community events, fostering a vibrant and active lifestyle.

Children at Zoo Camp sitting in a circle with the camp instructor.

Classes & Online Registration

Classes and online registration in Atascadero, California offer convenient access to a diverse range of educational and recreational courses, allowing residents to easily enroll in their desired classes and expand their knowledge and skills.

Scenic view with flowers in the foreground from the Three Bridges Trail.

Parks, Facilities & Trails

Parks, facilities, and trails in Atascadero, California provide residents and visitors with well-maintained and scenic outdoor spaces, offering a variety of recreational activities, gathering areas, and opportunities for relaxation and connection with nature.

Get Involved

Get Involved

Volunteers picking up garbage

Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteering opportunities in Atascadero, California empower individuals to make a positive impact in their community, offering a chance to contribute their time and skills to meaningful causes, organizations, and events.

Be Informed

Be Informed

Letters spelling news

Latest News

The latest news in Atascadero, California covers a wide range of topics including community events, local government updates, business developments, and human interest stories, keeping residents informed and engaged with the happenings in their city.

Calendar projection

Upcoming Meetings

Upcoming meetings in Atascadero, California provide opportunities for residents to stay informed and participate in discussions regarding important community issues, projects, and decisions, fostering transparency and civic engagement.

Bridge Repairs

Current Projects

Current projects in Atascadero, California encompass a diverse range of initiatives such as infrastructure improvements, community development, environmental sustainability, and public services enhancements, all aimed at enhancing the overall livability and quality of life in the city.

Stay Connected

Stay Connected

Staying connected on social media with different departments of Atascadero, California offers residents and stakeholders a convenient way to receive timely updates, engage in discussions, and stay informed about important news, events, and initiatives happening within the city. Check out our various social media accounts for more information.

Public Safety & Reporting

Public Safety & Reporting

Waste out of a pipe

Report an Issue

Reporting an issue in Atascadero, California allows residents to play an active role in maintaining a safe and well-functioning community by alerting the appropriate authorities to concerns such as road maintenance, public safety, environmental issues, or any other matters that require attention or resolution.

An abandoned car in the weeds

Code Enforcement

Code enforcement in Atascadero, California ensures compliance with local ordinances and regulations, promoting community safety, preserving property values, and maintaining the overall quality of life by addressing violations related to zoning, building, health, and safety codes.

A broken window of a car

Non-Emergency Online Crime Reporting Portal

The non-emergency online crime reporting portal in Atascadero, California provides residents with a convenient and efficient way to report non-emergency crimes or incidents, contributing to community safety and facilitating prompt responses from law enforcement agencies.

Image of a wall marked with graffiti.

Graffiti Reporting

To report graffiti in our community please submit a Graffiti Reporting Form. If you have questions about graffiti, please email

Images of cars on a residential road.

Traffic Complaints

Traffic complaints may be submitted using the form below.

A woman plugging in an ev at home

Household (Home) & Property

Household and property in Atascadero, California benefit from a variety of resources and services aimed at promoting safe and sustainable living, including programs for waste management, water conservation, energy efficiency, and resources for property maintenance and improvement.

Streets & Transportation

Streets & Transportation

Dial A ride Service


Transportation in Atascadero, California offers residents and visitors a well-connected network of roads, highways, and public transportation options, facilitating convenient travel within the city and to neighboring areas, enhancing mobility and accessibility for all.

A street Sweeping vehicle

Street Maintenance

Street maintenance in Atascadero, California ensures the upkeep and repair of roadways, including pothole patching, street sweeping, pavement preservation, and traffic signal maintenance, contributing to safe and smooth transportation throughout the city.

Road work and cones

Measure F-14 Sales Tax Increase

In 2014, Atascadero voters approved a ballot measure that authorized the City to increase its sales tax rate by ½ percent for a term of 12 years, together with a measure advising that the funds be primarily utilized for road maintenance projects.