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Measure F-14 Sales Tax

In 2014, Atascadero voters approved a ballot measure (F-14) which authorized the City to increase its sales tax rate by a ½ percent for a term of 12 years, together with a measure (E-14) advising that the funds be primarily utilized for maintaining and repairing neighborhood roads. While the City will continue to maintain and improve arterial roadways, funds approved under Measure F-14 are specifically earmarked for the improvements of neighborhood roads. The measures became effective April 1, 2015, and will sunset on April 1, 2027 unless renewed by the voters. The measure includes a nine-member Citizen Oversight Committee tasked with reviewing revenues, expenditures, and the annual road report.

Since that time, Measure F-14 has funded:

  • Nearly $14M in neighborhood road repair
  • Resurfaced or rehabilitated over 42 miles of neighborhood roads, including the removal and replacement of asphalt on full roadway sections where needed.
  • Improved drainage & roadside slope stability.