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Public Records

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The goal of the City’s Records Management Program is to provide the public with open and transparent access to all public records, with the exception of those records exempt from disclosure by express provisions of law or considered confidential or privileged under the law.  To meet this goal, we are committed to providing reasonable access to all public records and continually strive to make it easier and quicker to get the information you are seeking by regularly adding public records to the City's weblink portal.  

A variety of City records are available online and can be accessed through our WebLink portal. Quick links to some of our most frequently requested records can also be accessed below.

Frequently Requested Records

Submitting a Public Records Request

If the record you are looking for is not available online, you can submit a public records request by clicking the button below.

You may also submit records requests to the Departments listed below based on the type of record you are requesting.  We encourage public records requests to be submitted via the webform above or in writing (email is encouraged) in order to assist staff in responding efficiently to your request. 

Building Permit, Business License & Planning Requests:

All Police Related Requests:

All Fire Related Requests:

All Other Requests:

Requests may also be submitted in person to the Departments listed above or by mail to:

City of Atascadero
Attn: City Clerk
6500 Palma Avenue
Atascadero, CA 93422

To ensure accurate processing of your request please clearly identify the record(s) you are requesting.  Consider including in the description the address or location in question, a date or date range, the type of records you are seeking, or any pertinent information that may help determine the records being requested. 

Please do not include any confidential information in your records request (e.g. Social Security numbers, birth dates, driver's license numbers).