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Do I need a tree removal permit?

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A tree removal permit is required for the removal of any native trees, with the following exceptions:

  • Removal of deciduous native trees under 2 inches in diameter at breast height (DBH).
  • Removal of nondeciduous (evergreen) trees under 4 inches in diameter at breast height (DBH).
  • Removal of native trees on a single-family property in a single-family zone with no open construction or grading permits or construction or grading projects planned within the next year.

Tree removal permits cost $259 per permit, and require mitigation of the tree removal.

  • One tree removal permit can be used for the removal of multiple trees.
  • Mitigation can take the form of replanting trees elsewhere on the property or paying mitigation fees towards a City fund for planting native trees on public land.
  • For more information on native tree mitigation, see the Native Tree Regulations handout.

To apply for a tree removal permit, you will need to complete a planning application.