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Animals & Pets

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Whether a beloved pet, livestock, or neighboring wildlife, Atascadero has a large number of animal residents. Below you will find information on who to contact for a variety of animal related issues or concerns and links to the City’s Municipal Code Sections regarding livestock.



If you encounter dead wildlife on city streets or in the public right of way, please contact the City of Atascadero Public Works Streets Division at (805) 470-3148,, or by using our Report a Concern portal.

Injured Wild Animals

Dead Animals

Contact a junk removal company for the removal of dead wild animals on private property.

Loose Animals/Traffic Hazard

If you encounter a loose animal causing a traffic hazard or emergency situation call 911.

Domestic Animals/Pets

Domestic Animals/Pets

Lost and Found Pets

Report lost or found animals at County of San Luis Obispo Lost & Found Animals Information.

Loose Animals/Traffic Hazard

If you encounter a loose animal causing a traffic hazard or emergency situation call 911.

Injured Animals

Contact the County of San Luis Obispo Animal Services Department at (805) 781-4400.

Aggressive and Dangerous Animals

Contact the County of San Luis Obispo Aggressive and Dangerous Animals Information.

Dead Animals

The pick-up of deceased dogs and cats is performed by the County of San Luis Obispo Animal Services Department through an approved contract. Animal Services can be reached at (805) 781-4400.

Other Information


Livestock/Farm Animals

For information on chickens, pigs, horses, 4H projects and other livestock and farm animal questions and regulations, review the Municipal Code Section 9-6.112 & Section 9-6.115.


Who should I contact regarding loose animals?

If the animal is loose in or near the roadway causing a traffic hazard, APD officers will respond and attempt to contain the animal. To report an animal causing a traffic hazard, please call 805-461-5051.

I think my dog may have been picked up by the Atascadero Police Department after it was found running loose. How do I get it back?

All domestic animals captured by Atascadero Police Department officers are turned over to SLO Animal Services. You can contact them at 781-4400 to inquire about your pet or visit the SLO Animal Services website for listings with photos of animals found and currently at the shelter or found and being cared for by private citizens.

How many animals can I have on my property?

The maximum number of dogs or cats allowed on a property is three (3).

Farm Animals are based on the amount of acreage on a property. Please review the Farm Animal Regulations handout for more information. If you have specific property questions, please contact the Planning Department at 805-461-5035.

Are dogs allowed at Atascadero Lake Park?

Yes, dogs are allowed in all City parks, on a leash. Thank you for picking up after your dog!

Who do I call to report a dead deer or animal in the street?

"The City is only able to remove large dead wild animals (deer, etc.) on City streets. We cannot remove dead animals on private property.

  • For removal of a deceased wild animal from an Atascadero City street, please call Public Works Operations at 805-470-3148.
  • If you need someone to remove a dead wild animal from your private property you can contact a junk removal service.
  • For removal of injured or dead domestic animals (dogs, cats), please contact Animal Control at 805-781-4400.
  • For removal of injured wild animals, contact Pacific Wildlife Care at 805-543-9453 or Fish & Wildlife at 559-243-4005 x 151."