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City Facilities

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City facilities are located throughout the community. Facilities include City Hall, the Community Center, Pavilion on the Lake, the Police and Fire Stations, and more. These facilities are maintained by the Public Works Department.
Historic City Hall Administration Building against a bright blue sky.

Historic City Hall

Departments located in City Hall:

  • Administrative Services
  • Central Reception
  • City Manager's Office
  • Community Development
  • Fire Administration
  • Public Works Administration
  • Technology

Address: 6500 Palma Ave
Phone: (805) 461-5000

Hours: 8 AM - 5 PM (M-F)

Image of the Colony Park Community Center building entrance.

Colony Park Community Center

Services at this location:

  • Teen Center
  • Cafe
  • Classes
  • Full-size gym
  • Recreation Division

Address: 5599 Traffic Way
Office Phone: (805) 470-3360
Teen Center Phone: (805) 470-3364

Office Hours: 8 AM - 5 PM (M-F)
Teen Center Hours:
School In-Session: After School - 6 PM (M-F)
School Holidays/Summer: 12 - 6 PM (M-F)

Pavilion on the Lake at night with vibrant reflections on the Atascadero Lake.

Pavilion on the Lake

Services at this location:

  • Special Events
  • Weddings
  • Banquets
  • Receptions
  • Conferences
  • Meetings

Address: 9315 Pismo Ave
Phone: (805) 470-3178

Zoo Garden Event Center night shot with string lights.

Zoo Garden Event Center

Services at this location:

  • Electricity
  • Seating up to 350 people (Banquet Layout)
  • Seating up to 150 people (Assembly Layout)
  • Food Truck Spaces
    (up to 3 trucks)

Address: 9100 Morro Road
Wedding Related/Meetings:
(805) 470-3178
Special/Private Events:
(805) 470-3360

Hours: 7 AM - 3 PM (M-F)

Ranger House on a foggy morning.

Ranger House

Amenities at this location:

  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • TV with DVD/VCR for rent

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The Ranger House is located in the center of the Atascadero Lake Park and just 20 steps from the Pavilion. The house is perfect for small meetings that need a quiet retreat or can be used as a breakout room for larger meetings held at the Pavilion. It is also used as a "Bride's Dressing Room" for wedding ceremonies and receptions held at the Gazebo and Pavilion.

Address: 9305 Pismo Ave
Phone: (805) 470-3178

Image of the Atascadero Library building with landscaping in front.


This is not a city facility.

Address: 6555 Capistrano Ave
Phone: (805) 461-6161

Hours: Varies

Fire Station 1 with a fire engine out front.

Fire Station 1

Services at this location:

  • Emergency Services

Address: 6005 Lewis Ave
Phone: (805) 461-5070

Hours: 8 AM - 5 PM (M-F)

Image of Fire Station 2 building.

Fire Station 2

Services at this location:

  • Emergency Services

Address: 9801 West Front Rd
Phone: (805) 461-5070

Image of the Police Station with landscaping in front.

Police Station

Services at this location:

  • Emergency Dispatch
  • Investigations
  • K9 Program
  • Property & Evidence
  • K9
  • Cadets
  • VIPS

Address: 5505 El Camino Real
Phone: (805) 461-5051

View of wastewater collection treatment ponds.

Waste Water Treatment Plant

Services at this location:

  • Public Works - Operations

Address: 8005 Gabarda Rd
Phone: (805) 461-5000

Yard Hours: 7 AM - 3 PM (M-F)