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Environmental Documents

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requires state and local agencies to assess the environmental impacts of certain projects and notify the public of those impacts prior to approving the projects. Some projects may be “exempt” from CEQA because of their size or nature, or because there is no reasonable possibility that they will significantly affect the environment.  Article 19 of the CEQA Guidelines lists the types of projects that are normally exempt.

Environmental Document Number SCH NumberDocument Type Project NameCity Project NumberAddressApplicant/ Representative
EDN 2022-00052022120699Mitigated Negative DeclarationBarrel Creek PlannedDEV21-00666010 Del Rio RoadLegacy Church
EDN 2022-0004Mitigated Negative DeclarationNew Residence over 20% slopeDEV21-003210945 Vista Road Hector & Virginia Mercado
EDN 2022-0003Mitigated Negative Declaration New Residence
& Carport
DEV22-00139700 Corriente Road Mark Courtney/
Camille Farrington
EDN 2022-0002Mitigated Negative DeclarationPrecise PlanDEV22-004110890 Vista Road Mike Ward/
Preston Jones
EDN 2022-0001Mitigated Negative DeclarationLot Line AdjustmentSBDV22-0017 10025/10075 Corona Road Rafael Mariscal/
Dakos Land Surveys