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Investigations Unit


The Atascadero Police Department Investigations Bureau serves the community and the department by conducting in-depth follow-up investigations on felony cases requiring additional time and effort. The Investigations Bureau is also responsible for managing numerous collateral duties including crime registrant tracking, secondhand dealer licensing, and serving as the department liaison in various capacities.

The Atascadero Police Department Investigations Bureau has one Sergeant, three Detectives, and one Code Enforcement Officer. All the personnel in the Investigations Bureau are cross-trained and able to work independently or as a team investigating crimes against property and crimes against persons. 

Every member of the Investigations Bureau works closely with investigative personnel from other law enforcement agencies on a county, state, and federal level including other local police departments, the District Attorney's Office, Child and Adult Protective Services, and sexual assault crisis support teams.

For questions regarding the Investigations Bureau and its responsibilities, call (805) 461-5051 and ask to speak with a Detective Sergeant.