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Know Your Evacuation Zone

Atascadero Know Your Zone!

In the event of a wildfire or an emergency situation, law enforcement and fire agencies issue evacuation warnings or evacuation orders for impacted areas. These notices are issued for a Zone with an evacuation status. In order to understand whether your area is under an evacuation warning or order, it's important to know your evacuation Zone.

To obtain your Zone information, follow these instructions:

  • Go to
  • Click on “Prepare” and navigate to Know Your Zone
  • Select "Share your location" or "Now now" to manually enter your address
  • Type in your address! Your Zone name will appear
  • Write down your Zone & place it in a visible area

We want every resident to Know their Zone, so please call us at (805) 470-3300 if you need assistance and we will gladly help.

This program was identified by the City Council as a priority in the 2019 Strategic Planning meeting for the City and we are pleased to see this come together!