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Police Department

Image of Police Department staff at a National Night Out event.
Image of police department vehicle with the Historic City Hall building in the background.

Police Department


Welcome to the Official Atascadero Police Department (APD) Website. The website is designed to provide the public with information about our Department, its mission, and the services that are available to you. As you explore APD’s website, we always welcome and value input or questions you may have to help us in our continued service to you.

Our Purpose: Do Good

Our purpose is to do good and to work toward the greater good even to the detriment of self. 

Our Goal: Be Premier

Our goal is to work toward being the premier law enforcement agency on the central coast. This is a direction.  It is a bold goal, but it is what we should be working toward.

Our Methods: Professionalism, Partnerships, Personal Growth

Professionalism- We will be professional in both appearance and practice. We will demonstrate professionalism by treating others with dignity even in their worst moments. Professionalism will ensure our reputation amongst the residents of Atascadero, and within the law enforcement community, remains at the highest levels.

Partnerships- We cannot do this job alone.  We will develop and foster good relationships. We will work with other law enforcement agencies, other city departments, with organizations, and with individual members of our community to accomplish our objectives.

Personal Growth- The Atascadero Police Department is committed to providing appropriate training and instruction to the members of our department, but we cannot do it all. Members are encouraged to seek out opportunities for their own growth including professional training, personal training, and other educational opportunities. Members are encouraged to be good family members and role models within the community.  Who you are away from work is just as important as who you are at work.



Department Staff


When is the Atascadero Police Department open?

The Police Department operates 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week. If you are experiencing an emergency call 911. For non emergencies call (805) 461-5051.

The Police Property & Evidence Unit is open to the public M-Thu. from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Please call (805) 461-5051 for more information.

The Records Bureau hours are M-Thu. 8:30am-2:30pm. Please call (805) 461-5051.

Where should a civil subpoena be served?

All subpoena duces tecum and deposition subpoenas for Police Records or Police Officer appearances for civil cases should be served to the Atascadero City Clerk’s Office as follows:

City of Atascadero
Attn: City Clerk
6500 Palma Avenue
Atascadero, CA 93422

The subpoena should be accompanied by a check for associated fees ($15.00 for production of records and $275 per day for each officer appearance.). Additional fees as provided for in Evidence Code § 1563 may also be due before any item(s) are provided in response to a subpoena.

How do I get a copy of a police report?

Access to police reports is restricted. If you feel you are entitled to a copy of a police report, you will need to complete a report request release form. If a juvenile (under the age of 18) is involved, an additional or different application form may also be required along with the juvenile's birth certificate. You or your insurance representative/attorney may also request a copy the report for a fee. Please contact Dispatch Unit at (805) 461-5051 for more information.

A report release request form can be completed online by clicking here, or you can print the form and submit it to the Atascadero Police Department at 5505 El Camino Real.

How do I contest/appeal a parking citation?

The California Vehicle Code, Section 40215 sets forth uniform procedures for contesting a Notice of Parking Violation, also known as a Parking Citation. These procedures include several time periods that must be carefully adhered to.

In order to contest a citation, a Request for Administrative Review Form must be received by the Atascadero Police Department within twenty-one (21) days of the citation issuance, or within fourteen (14) days of the postmark of a delinquent citation notice you have received.

All periods are expressed in calendar days. Please review the Parking Citation Appeals Process and contact the Traffic Unit at (805) 461-5051 with any questions. Administrative Review and Hearing forms are available below.

Request for Administrative Review Form (Step 1)

Request for Administrative Hearing Form (Step 2)

How do I report a noise complaint?

Noise violations can occur at any hour and may include noise sources such as loud parties, motorcycles, leaf blowers, construction etc. Commercial areas generally have less restrictive noise regulations. To report a noise complaint please call (805) 461-5051.