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Planning Documents & Resources

From recent planning projects to planning maps, design standards, and more, you'll find a comprehensive library of documents and resources to help you with whatever planning journey you are on.

Recent Planning Projects

Title & Staff Report
(Most-Least Recent)
Woods Humane Society2300 Ramona RdApproved
Brown Butter Cookie Company8850 Santa Rosa RdApproved
Del Rio Ranch2005, 2055, 2115, 2205, 2325, 2375, 2405 El Camino Real and
4999, 5505, 5701, 5703, 5705 Del Rio Rd
Atascadero Hay and Feed6501 Via AveApproved
Del Rio Marketplace1745, 1835, 1905, 1955 El Camino RealIn Process
Del Rio Retail (Taco Bell)1920 El Camino RealApproved
Atascadero Pit Stop1860 El Camino RealComplete
R.V. Hotel6000 Del Rio RoadApproved
Emerald Ridge2605 El Camino RealApproved
Del Rio Ridge2455 El Camino RealApproved
Hilton Hotel1800 & 1860 El Camino RealApproved
Bridgewalk Hotel6901 & 6903 El Camino RealApproved
Ten850 Planned Development10850 El Camino RealApproved
La Plaza6500 El Camino RealApproved

Zoning Code

Visit the online zoning code to determine the applicable regulations for building your project.

Zoning Handbook

The Zoning Handbook is an executive summary of the Zoning Code sections pertaining to land development.

General Plan

The General Plan is the “blueprint” for Atascadero’s future which all development decisions are based. Here you can view our current General Plan (amended 2016) or check out our General Plan Update envisioning Atascadero through 2045.

General Plan Information

The City is currently working on the General Plan Update. You can subscribe for updates and engage in the planning process at the Atascadero General Plan 2045 Update website.

The General Plan has been described as the "Blueprint" for a city's development: the foundation upon which all development decisions are based. When entitlement or building projects are submitted to the City, Staff reviews proposed projects to ensure consistency with the adopted General Plan. The State of California requires that every City and County have an adopted General Plan (also known as a Comprehensive Plan) which covers seven (7) general elements: Land Use, Circulation, Noise, Safety, Housing, Open Space, and Conservation.

There are times when amendments may be proposed to the designations of specific properties as shown on the land use diagrams, or to tables or textual language in the plan. Evaluation of requested General Plan amendments reviews the conformance of the amendment with applicable General Plan goals, objectives and policies. Of amendments are proposed which are not consistent with specific goals, objectives and policies, then all relevant goals, objectives and policies need to be reexamined and changed before approval of such amendments.

General Plan Amendments may be initiated by the City or private property owners or their authorized agents. Applications to amend the General Plan shall be accompanied by detailed information to document the scope and impact of the amendment request. This information should include revised text, tables and diagrams for all affected elements. For additional information, please refer to the General Plan Land Use, Open Space and Conservation Element (Page II-51).

The following is the City's adopted General Plan, as amended through 2016. This document has been updated with various amendments, including the Housing Element. This document is a PDF.

Downtown Design Standards

This toolbox can be used to determine design details and ideas for your project.

Downtown Design Guidelines

Adopted in 2001, this document provides a set of guidelines for new construction in Downtown Atascadero.

Downtown Revitalization Plan

Adopted in 2000, this document provides a guide to revitalization and uses downtown.

Environmental Documents

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requires state and local agencies to assess the environmental impacts of certain projects, and notify the public of those impacts prior to approving the projects. Some projects may be “categorically exempt” from CEQA because of their size or nature, or because there is no reasonable possibility that they will significantly affect the environment.

Sign Handbook

This handbook provides a guidelines and standards for development of signage within the City.

Native Tree Ordinance and Guidelines

Fencing Handout

Appearance Review Manual

El Camino Real Plan

Bikeway Plan

Additional Resources